Harness the Power of Gen AI for Transformative Brand Development

Leveraging Generative AI (Gen AI) for brand strategy, creative execution and benchmarking is no longer a novel experiment — it’s imperative. Synthetic Acumen’s ResearchGOATplatform offers a compelling new way for branding, advertising agencies and marketing leaders to automate, expedite and improve the brand development journey.

Here are some of the most frequent use cases where ResearchGOAT is helping agencies become more efficient to free up time to deploy their talent and expertise where it makes the biggest difference:

Stakeholder Interviews

ResearchGOAT facilitates in-depth stakeholder interviews using AI-driven insights to frame questions that uncover deep-seated perspectives and unique insights. The platform helps identify key themes and areas of interest, ensuring that interviews are focused and productive. At the same time, because of the “intelligence” built into the prompt architecture, each interview is dynamic and unique to surface spontaneously emerging insights and ideas unavailable through traditional surveys. The discussion guide is just that: a guide, rather than a rote checklist. Moreover, while traditional brand development interviews typically include the organization’s leadership team and a sample of others, ResearchGOAT furnishes the possibility of including a far greater number of participants – even inviting every person across the company to contribute. By leveraging natural language processing (NLP), ResearchGOAT summarizes and highlights critical viewpoints, making it easier for leaders to align on a cohesive brand strategy.

Customer and Channel Discovery

A more comprehensive and nuanced understanding of  customer preferences and purchasing decision drivers help uncover untapped leverage points, competitive preferences and current product perceptions. ResearchGOAT’s conversational interviews, help surface hidden preferences and decision-making drivers, identifying leverage opportunities that might have been overlooked. The platform’s ability to conduct interviews and analyze insights across various channels provides a comprehensive view of customer perceptions and competitive positioning, enabling brands to tailor their strategies with greater precision and efficacy.

Strategy Validation

ResearchGOAT’s Concept Test feature allows brands to simulate and test multiple strategic positioning scenarios. The platform evaluates the effectiveness of different hypotheses by analyzing customer perceptions of each alternative. It delves into the nuances of language and messaging, providing recommendations on the most impactful positioning strategy. This allows for the consideration of a wider range of potential positioning hypotheses than traditional A/B testing along with the ability to fine-tune brand narratives and individual word choice to ensure they resonate with intended target audiences.

Creative Ideation

Engaging a broad range of stakeholders in a co-creation process uncovers fresh perspectives and new insights to help inform creative and design development. ResearchGOAT fosters a collaboration where participants can contribute ideas and feedback in real time. This co-creation process not only enhances creativity but also aligns the creative development with strategic goals and market insights, resulting in more innovative, effective and visually arresting campaigns.

Creative Concept Testing

Similar to the process of vetting and assessing brand strategy, ResearchGOAT enables alternative creative concepts and campaigns to be assessed based on how they align and bring to life brand strategy alternatives. Brands can test multiple creative concepts simultaneously, measuring their effectiveness against either existing or proposed brand strategies, as well as capturing customer perceptions and preferences. The platform also provides detailed feedback on how different concepts perform across research cohorts, allowing for data-driven decisions that increase the likelihood of campaign resonance and success.

Sentiment Benchmarking

ResearchGOAT facilitates both establishing a current baseline sentiment as well as the option to conduct long-term longitudinal studies to evaluate brand engagement, preference and ongoing efficacy over time. By establishing a baseline, brands can track changes in sentiment over time, conducting longitudinal studies to measure engagement and preference. This ongoing monitoring allows for continuous optimization of brand strategies, ensuring they remain relevant and effective in a dynamic market landscape that shifts and evolves more rapidly than ever before.

By integrating advanced AI capabilities into brand strategy, creative execution and benchmarking journey, brands can uncover new opportunities, develop and enhance their strategies, evaluate creative options and maintain sustainable differentiation in an increasingly competitive market. By letting ResearchGOAT do the heavy lifting on time-consuming, laborious interviews and analysis, brand and marketing leaders can shift their focus to applying human expertise informed by better data and insights.


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