Streamline Feedback with AI-Powered Concept Testing

So, what does ResearchGOAT’s new Concept Testing feature mean for you? You can now upload a photo or video of just about anything – ads, packaging designs, logos or any innovation concept you can think of – and within minutes you have valuable insights on how your target audience reacts. No more limitations to blind A/B testing, no guesswork, no more expensive focus groups – ResearchGOAT’s innovative platform unlocks the power of real-world feedback, powered by cutting-edge generative AI technology.

Unleash the Potential of Your Ideas

ResearchGOAT is your one-stop shop for testing across a variety of businesses and concept test scenarios. Here are just a few of the ways it can help you:

Ad Assessment: See if your ads hit the mark. Gauge audience engagement, understand their takeaway message and ensure your campaign resonates.

Content Creation: Craft headlines, slogans and website copy that cuts through the noise, rises above the din and resonates with your readers. Compare, test and discuss different variations with your most important prospects and customers to see what truly lands and skyrockets engagement.

Packaging Optimization: Make sure your product stands out on the shelf and ends up in the cart. Uncover customer reactions to packaging design, assess functionality and understand how it influences buying decisions.

Logo Design Exploration: Ensure your brand’s visual identity is instantly recognizable, memorable and resonates with the right audiences. Receive feedback from your target demographic to ensure your brand identity signals both functional benefits of your offering and evokes the right emotions.

Product Concept Evaluation: Validate your product ideas early in the development cycle. Gather real customer insights to refine your concepts and ensure they resonate in the marketplace before you invest significant resources.

User Experience (UX) Testing: Discover how users interact with your digital products. Identify areas for improvement and optimize your website or app for a seamless user experience.

Brand Perception Analysis: Gain a deeper understanding of how consumers perceive your brand. Identify your strengths, uncover potential weaknesses and fine-tune your brand strategy for maximum impact.

Effortless Insights, Powerful Results

ResearchGOAT streamlines the feedback process, saving you valuable time and resources.

Fast and Reliable Feedback: Our cutting-edge technology analyzes your concepts and delivers quick, insightful reports.

Deeper Insights: Dive deeper beyond surface-level feedback. We uncover key trends and patterns to help you make data-driven decisions that resonate with your audience.

Global Reach: Tap into a diverse pool of real people from around the world, any time, anywhere. Glean insights into a truly global perspective across timezones, languages, cohorts and cultures, all with out the logistical headaches of coordinating research personnel and translators.

Revamp Your Innovation Process

Ready to unlock the power of real-world feedback through in-depth, high-quality quantitative research that’s faster, less expensive and offers the potential for broader reach than ever before? Visit us at and take your innovation journey to the next stage of insight and success.


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